LA’s newest hot diggity dog in town

Today is National Hot Dog Day, and since our first place team isn’t playing in town tonight, you can’t celebrate with a Dodger Dog at the Stadium. So where else can you go to partake in some serious encased meat goodness? Krista Simmons from LAist explains.

Photo courtesy of Fritzi Dog on Facebook

There are plenty of touted purveyors of hot diggity dogs here in this town – let’s be honest, Umami’s new hot dog stand in Burbank, and Dog Haus come to mind – but our current fave is the new kid on the block, Fritzi Dog.

You can check out this video below on one of our favorite concoctions there, the Tokyo Dog, made with their classic hormone-and antibiotic-free hot dog and then topped with wasabi aoli, Sriracha ketchup, nori crisps and wasabi peas. And if you’re dining with a vegetarian, you needn’t worry; Fritzi also has a sous vide carrot dog that’ll knock their socks off.

Here’s what it looks like:

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[via LAist]

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