Amazing images show NYC inside Grand Canyon

Photographer Gus Petro has become an overnight internet sensation with his mash-up images placing the city of Manhattan inside the Grand Canyon. Excellent sites like io9 have already run stories putting NYC on alien planets and there’s no denying Manhattan is an extremely photogenic city, but this approach is a little different.

image from Gus Petro

After some time spent travelling around America, Gus Petro started a new project titled “Merge,” which brings two vastly different locations together in a series of surreal images. Petro explains, “In this project two opposite places are merged into one: New York City, where, it seems like, everyone wants to live there, and Grand Canyon / Death Valley, which are unlivable.”

click for full-size image

He created the images using his own photographs and, of course, Photoshop. But it looks so real. In fact, he told Atlantic Cities: “After showing the images, most of the people who haven’t been in either place thought it was real. They began questioning me where it is. I didn’t expect that for sure.”

click for full-size image

We asked Gus if the merged photos were actually to scale. “That’s a good question,” he replied. “Never measured it that exactly. But in my opinion, in those wide shots that should be in scale ’cause I used the same width of lens from same points of view to keep highest possible quality. So that’s how NYC actually would look like inside the Grand Canyon.”

click for full-size image

Technicalities of scale aside, we rather like the result.

See more examples of Petro’s work – including additional images from Empty, Dense, Merge – on his website.

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