The Vegas mobile hangover clinic

Believe it or not hangovers can be cured at Vegas with this 45-foot rolling hangover treatment clinic. This bus has been design to provide first-class medical treatment while simultaneously offering you such great comfort that you will feel like a real king or queen.

The bus mainly runs on the weekends, so if you need treatment during the week, they can treat you at their clinic behind Trump Tower, or they can come to your room. This bus is available 7 days a week and they are considered experts when it comes to treating any kind of hangover.

According to the website, “We treat mild to severe hangovers and even have treatments that do not involve an IV. We have treated over 10,000 hangovers, as that is what we do – We Cure Hangovers. Call us at 702-900-0660 or book online. Our phones are staffed 24/7.”

The bus can accommodate between 10-14 people at one time. It’s complete with front lounge area, kitchenette, private consultation room, four private bunks, and a private rear lounge. Both lounge areas have a flat screen television and Bose surround sound speakers. Why exactly it’s equipped with a such a sound system, we don’t know. To play ambient and peaceful noise of birds tweeting we can only assume.

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The private rear lounge

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The front lounge

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It's not clear whether this is covered by medical insurance

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Well, you're already in Vegas, you might as well spend even more

Scott Snowden

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