Everyone’s into aerial views of NYC

I suppose the world is to be forgiven, New York City is without a doubt the most amazing city on Earth. Anyone who says otherwise, basically hasn’t actually been there and is lying, insisting that they have. It’s that simple.

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Click to enlarge this view of Manhattan from the air, to take in the full expansive brilliance of it. Of course, this isn’t one image, it’s a panorama stitched together from smaller images. But the final result is just breathtaking, in any case.

This image by Russian photographer Sergey Semonov won first place in the amateur category of the Epson International Photographic Pano Awards. As Alexis Madrigal explains over in The Atlantic:

“Semonov works on a small noncommercial team called AirPano, which travels the globe creating these 3D aerial panoramas. They shoot from helicopters and then stitch the images together. Mostly, they produce these spherical panoramas that I find confusing to navigate, but clearly this one has been flattened for our viewing pleasure.”

Check out more of Semonov’s amazing panoramas over at AirPano.

And those magnificent men up in the ISS are getting in on the action too, with this shot of NY at night…

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Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has been doing everything he can to be our planet’s one-man ambassador to the universe over the last couple months, making cute videos explaining what happens when you brush your teeth or cry in space.

He’s also been tweeting lots of beautiful photos of cities across the Earth from the International Space Station. Last of all, he dropped the gem you can see below: “Tonight’s Finale: New York City, incredibly clear, before the trees have filled with leaves.”

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And here’s one more. Andrew Kenney took this gorgeous photo the other day while landing at LaGuardia and we thank Gothamist for uploading it.

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[via io9 and Gothamist]

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