Stranded travellers run amok at DFW

Airports can be pretty lonely places when you have to crash over for the night and very few are open 24-hours. Some might offer the odd, day-old doughnut from a small, hard-to-find shop tucked away in a deserted corner somewhere, but for the most part, that’s about the best you could hope to find.

And quite often, when faced with the most seemingly depressing situations, creativity can really flow in an effort to relieve mind-numbing boredom.

Add those two elements together and you more than likely get something like this.

Thanks to a missed connection, Joe Ayala, a photographer, and his friend Larry Chen found themselves stranded overnight in the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. So, they decided to make the best of it – and film the whole thing.

The video shows the duo running free throughout the airport, pretty much living out every kid’s fantasy. There’s playing on the escalators, wheelchair races, handstands in the tram, foam fights in the bathroom and beat boxing on the intercom. Though, the highlight is without a doubt when one of the men sneakily steals an ice cream parfait cup…and proceeds to chug a beer he pours himself.

Not everyone thinks its all fun and games, however. According to a report by the local CBS affiliate, the video has raised a number of concerns. Some wonder how this could happen when airports are supposed to be secure. One man panned the cost these shenanigans could have for the traveller.

However, we love it.

UPDATE There’s also a short video of the out-takes from this here and it seems the following video of more airport antics is making the rounds once again all over the internet. Funny as it is, it was originally entitled “Human Bicycle on an Airport Travelator” and posted on YouTube in September of last year.

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