Checklist of celebrity hotel deaths

In the spirit of Halloween and as ghosts, ghouls and goblins gradually gather for the 31st of October, we’ve compiled a list of hotels around the world where famous musicians and actors have checked out, permanently. Are these famous accommodations now haunted by the apparitions of the saddened celebrity stars? Maybe, who knows.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas

The first entry in our morbid list of motels that includes a legendary Hard Rock hotel features John Entwistle, an English bass guitarist, songwriter, singer, and horn player, who was best known as the bass guitarist for the rock band The Who. His aggressive lead sound influenced many rock bass players. Described as “the greatest bassist in the history of rock”, Entwistle died in the hotel room 658 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on 27 June 2002, one day before the scheduled first show of The Who’s 2002 US tour. He had gone to bed that night with a stripper/groupie, Alycen Rowse, who woke at 10am to find Entwistle cold and unresponsive. The Clark County medical examiner determined that death was due to a heart attack induced by cocaine.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas
4455 Paradise Road
Las Vegas
Nevada, 89109, USA
Tel (702) 733-7625

The Chateau Marmont – Los Angeles, California

The Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood has historically been an exclusive hotel that caters to people who refuse eye contact with people like us.  Since it opened in 1927, celebrities such as James Dean, Judy Garland and Lindsay Lohan have stayed at the hotel.  But the only celebrity to never check-out was Saturday Night Live star John Belushi.  If you’re morbid and wealthy enough to drop US$1,800, you can stay in bungalow #3, where Belushi was found dead on March 5th, 1982, after injecting a speedball, a combination of cocaine and heroin.

Chateau Marmont
8221 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood
CA 90046, USA
Tel (323) 656-1010

Highland Gardens Hotel – Los Angeles, California

Another hotel, another death by heroin.  This time the victim was raspy-voiced rock singer Janis Joplin, who is most famous for her song “Mercedes Benz”, which is the last song she ever recorded.  On October 4th, 1970, Joplin was found dead in her hotel room at the Landmark Motor Hotel, which has since be renamed Highland Gardens Hotel.  Apparently she wasn’t the only one who died from this bad batch of heroin; several other customers who also bought from Joplin’s dealer overdosed that same week.

Highland Gardens Hotel
7047 Franklin Avenue
Los Angeles
CA 90028, USA
(323) 850-0536

Hotel Samarkand – London, England

1970 was a tough year for rock.  Less than a month before Joplin died, electric guitarist Jimi Hendrix passed away at the Hotel Samarkand in Notting Hill.  He, along with Joplin, are part of the 27 Club, a group of musicians who all died at the age of 27 — Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison and Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones are also part of this group. On September 18th, 1970, in room 507, Hendrix was found dead in his girlfriend’s room, having choked on his own vomit after combining sleeping pills and red wine. Contrary to what some sites say, this is still in use as a hotel.

Hotel Samarkand
22 Lansdowne Crescent
Notting Hill
London, W11 2NS
Tel 01603 812 688

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3 Responses to “Checklist of celebrity hotel deaths”

  1. TGo says:

    Too bad the Stamford Plaza Double Bay closed two years ago now.

  2. Jimi Hendrix stayed here for a few days (as guest of Monika Dannemann, who’s rented the basement garden flat there) but he did NOT DIE in this Hotel. Instead Jimi Hendrix died at St. Mary Abbots Hospital on 18 Septemebr 1970, ca. between 12:00 and 12:15.

  3. Funny, the photo you show as being from Hotel Samarkand is that of the Cumberland Hotel!

    Room 507 is also that of the Cumberland. Samarkand did not have rooms, as it was an apartment hotel. No bar, no restaurant, etc. Just apartments.

    Room 507 at Cumberland is gone btw. Does not exist any longer…

    You mix rock-apples up with folk-pears! 😉

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